Recipe: Solero Cocktail

by Lilly Jericho

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy your new years eve, here is one of my favourite cocktails:
What you’ll need:

  • 200 ml Rum or Wodka (optional)
  • 700 ml passionfruit juice
  • 400 ml orange juice
  • 50 ml vanilla sirup
  • 250 gram crushed ice or vanilla ice

Basically its pretty easy and fast to make as you just put your juices and the sirup in your cocktail shaker or alternatively in a bowl and mix them through.

If you dont want to add alcohol cause of possible kids or you just dont drink, fill your bowl with extra 100 ml of the passionfruit juice and extra 100 ml of the orange juice.
Now you drop your crushed ice or vanilla ice (I'd recommend the second for the taste) in your glasses and pour the cocktail over it. Enjoy ❤️

This recipe lasts for 8 glasses so you can also entertain your guests with it.