Return to Prague: Christmas Demo

by AgentXP

Several hours after the events of Christmas in Prague, we see Lara off on another adventure to try and locate the entrance to the Strahov monastery in Prague. Having located Vasiley’s diary and reunited with Kurtis, Lara has learnt that the Cabal are still very much active, despite the demise of Eckhardt, and suspects there may be more going on than meets the eye. She plans to re-enter the Strahov, exploring parts she never visited previously, in the hope of finding answers. (This new section of the Strahov is inspired by the actual location in real life Prague).
This is a single level, from what may one day be a larger project.

Find ALL SECRETS for a special Christmas ending!
There is a diary hint system and outfit swap card available in the inventory from the start of the level.

This is a peaceful level, with some stealth.

Recommended that you play my previous level 'Christmas in Prague' first, as this is a short continuation of the story.