KITTEN ADVENTURE: A Very Meow Christmas

by Delca

It’s Christmas time! In her newly bought house, Lara Croft is getting ready to spend a lovely evening with her feline companions. Everything was going fine until her friend, Kitten, comes with bad news: most of the presents are missing...
A VERY MEOW CHRISTMAS is a truly incredible and epic game starring Lara Croft, who is asked to save kittens' most beloved holiday. Play minigames and bring back the magic of Christmas!

  • 7 festive minigames
  • 3 outfits and difficulty modes: Standard, Expert, Crystical
  • Brand new and unique gameplay mechanics!
  • A magical and atmospheric music!
  • 70 Paws to collect!
  • ...and a special reward for collecting them all!

This is a sequel to KITTEN ADVENTURE: ULTIMATE MEOW. It can, however, be played independently without prior knowledge.

This level is also hosted and available to download on TRCustoms.org - where you can leave me a review!