TRLE Stuff: Various Objects

by Thor2010

Tomb Raider Legend - Special Forces Outfit

Lara's tactical outfit from Legend with both green and white camo versions. This is a mesh and texture mod from Horus-Goddesse's outfit line so please credit her for her excellent work!

Also included is the SMG from TRL in the crossbow slot meant to be used with the recent FLEP HK gun patch. Uses PoYu's legend hand meshes.

.wad2 Format


New Revolver item, with new lasersight item as well. Uses Poyu's hand and holster meshes.

NG - Enemies Bundle

This pack includes several different classic enemies from TR1 and TR2 remade with textures from Legend and Anniversary. Aside from the meshes these are the same enemy objects right from their respective games meant to be used with TokyoSU's TR1/2 enemies plugin for TRNG. They should also be perfectly compatible with TEN asuming their enemy slots are currently working or soon will be, they would just need to be renamed to the proper slot. For TRNG however i've included the basic script for each one using the slot i placed them in.

Huge credit to TokyoSU and ChocolateFan for the plugin!

NG - Jeep

New Jeep object, two versions one covered and yellow similar to the one in TRL and one uncovered and blue more reminiscent of the standard jeep from The Last Revelation.