Oldie but Goldie Custom Level

by Lara Croft (aka Nerkan)

This year, we are re-presenting a custom level that was certainly ahead of its time, when it was released in May 2008:


Lara's artefacts are taken to a laboratory for analysis, but something goes wrong. A new highly contageous virus causes night life in Nerkopolis to shut down. Now Lara intends to clean up at the laboratory where the disaster took its course...

With its plot resembling the global news of the past two years, this game makes for an entertaining adventure!
The gameplay is manageable as long as one keeps a glow stick handy to find useful objects on grey floors. However, Lara also has to put in some physical effort and has a few new tricks up her sleeve. At a boat house near the start Lara can exercise:

  • jumping backwards while on a ledge
  • jumping up while on a ledge
Those moves add an hommage to TR Legend to the usual climbing repertoire.

My night out with Lara ended when her ride picked her up after about 1.5 hours. Let's see if you can beat my best time! ;)