Oldie but Goldie Custom Level
Temple of Shiva

by Raildex

This year, we are re-presenting a custom level from a level builder who has been actively contributing to the trle community for almost 15 years: Raildex

His fourth custom level is heavily inspired by two of the original games. It features edited textures from TRIII and its architectural design includes an hommage to TRU. The gameplay is fairly manageable but Lara also brings some new tricks to the table that she will have to make use of:

  • swinging on poles by using the grab and forward buttons
  • a faster shimmey for Lara by holding the sprint button while moving along a ledge
  • balancing on bars and also throwing a wheel on them by pressing the jump button while on a bar
Those moves really make for a unique experience!

This is not a peaceful level but rather a classic Tomb Raider adventure set in India of roughly an hour of gameplay.


Lara finds out about a Shiva temple in India which is supposed to hold the sanctuary of the Shiva. The owner of the sanctuary can call Shiva and uncover her secrets. So, Lara travels to India...

There are four secrets.

By the way, a nice addition by the author is the building kit included in the download as an extra! This means you can basically make some adjustments so the game suits your taste better. Or one might find some of the content from this game useful for future custom levels. ;)