Miscellaneous tutorials

by Krys and Dinne

We decided to release together some original features to add in your levels.

By Krys:

  • Underwater kick against a breakable wall (included)
Place this breakable wall underwater and merge it with the provided blending textures. Lara will break it with an underwater kick, when the player presses Action.

By Dinne:

  • Flamed arrows (while flying) for explosive crossbow ammo
Add this special effect to your explosive arrows!

  • Flare thrower
Have fun throwing bouncy flares everywhere with the crossbow or darts emitters!

  • "Looking at" graffiti/symbols gameplay mechanic
Make Lara spot graffiti, inscriptions or symbols, by literally requiring the player to Look towards them. The script is set for counting them as "collectibles", but you can trigger anything else, like a voice audio or a cutscene.

If you use any of those things, please credit us.

Krys & Dinne